#30thAnniversary – KRS-One “Return of the Boom Bap”

“Return of the Boom Bap ” is the first solo album from KRS-One, after a successful run as the frontman of Boogie Down Productions that drew to a close with the superb “Sex and Violence” LP. For this one, KRS hooked up with Hip Hop master producer and one half of Gang Starr, DJ Premier to create a body of work that would stand the test of time. Since the numbers of albums sold were going down for the Blastmaster on his previous BDP project for Jive Records (partly because of the incident with PM Dawn, check out the real story told by DJ Kenny Parker here), he was basically trying to reset his career by going back to a more straightforward hardcore Hip Hop sound. The result is simply magnificent, with gems like the banging first single “Outta Here” or the wonderful mellow vibes of the album closer “Higher Level”. But the biggest single of the LP is, without a doubt, the mega classic “Sound of da Police”, with the high energy beat by Showbiz, KRS most memorable hooks of his discography and strong lyrics about the police oppression in African American communities.

KRS-One didn’t sell more copies of this opus, but he definitely cemented his legacy as one of the best to ever do it. You can judge yourself, listen to the album, remixes and B-Side, watch the videos, a live performance and interviews, and dig in the source material via www.whosampled.com. Witness greatness!

Full album on YouTube:

Stream on Spotify & Apple Music.


  • Outta Here
  • Sound Of Da Police
  • Return Of The Boom Bap

Remixes & B-Side:

  • Sound Of Da Police (Remix)
  • Hip Hop VS. Rap
  • Return Of The Boom Bap (Iron Lion Remix)
  • Mortal Thought (I Must Rock The Mic) (Kenny Parker Remix)

Live Performance & Interviews:

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