#30thAnniversary – A.D.O.R. “The Concrete”

It would have been the 30th Anniversary of A.D.O.R.’s debut album “The Concrete” this year, but sadly, Atlantic Records never released the project.

The future was looking bright for the NYC lyricist in 1992, with a well-received first single produced by Mount Vernon legend Pete Rock, titled “Let It All Hang Out”. After a little delay, the second single “One For The Trouble” with a beat by K-Def and Marley Marl came out in 1994, indicating that the highly anticipated record was finally coming soon. However, A.D.O.R. was let go from his label contract in 1995, and the LP was only sent around as promo copies. It was only in 2019 that the project was officially released to celebrate the 25th anniversary, with a couple of bonus tracks. With music production from Diamond D, Ski, and the two previously mentioned beatmakers, this album had the potential of becoming one the top tier releases of that era. But, at least, we can listen and enjoy to the whole thing now!

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“Let It All Hang Out” Video & Live Performance:

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