BrooklynRadio.Com is a listener supported web radio station and creative arts collective. We rely upon your donations to keep our music flowing.

We hate when a band we like breaks up, or when a company whose product we use goes out of business. It’s discouraging to think that so much around us today is unsustainable and will soon be forced out of existence. Sustainability isn’t sexy. We can’t remember ever seeing a tagline that advertises a website being financially sustainable. Though, that’s what we’re all hoping for and assuming when we visit the site and indulge in the content.

Brooklyn Radio was created in 2006. It started out as a fun idea. Gather some of best local DJs and create an online hub for them where people can follow what’s poppin in Brooklyn. In the last two years Brooklyn Radio has grown from a side hobby to something much more. Aside from local talent, we have regular contributions friends all around the world and a steady flow of guest mixes from people like Roska, Nick Catchdubs, … All that great content and your loyal listening and sharing, made us #10 best cloudcaster on

The people who work behind the scenes of work day jobs and do it for the love of the culture. We are all so passionate about music and the community around Brooklyn Radio, that we had an idea burning at the back of our minds for a while. Perhaps it’s time to think about turning Brooklyn Radio into a full-time job. Or at least taking steps toward it. The idea of doing such a thing both excites and frightens us.

This is where you, our favourite listeners, come in. If we’re going to do this thing we’re going to need your help, which is why today we’re making membership subscriptions available to anyone interested in supporting the site.

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Thank you very much !

We’re still working out the details pertaining to members-only benefits and such, and I promise that we’ll announce something special in due time, but for now the membership is simply a means of directly supporting our music & writing and keeping the site ad-free (which I guess could count as a benefit if you hate ads). Our hope is that, if enough of you find it in your hearts to part with a few of your hard-earned dollars each month, we can eventually devote ourselves to Brooklyn Radio full-time.

We want to stress right now that this is not some sort of scheme where you have to pay to listen to our shows or get access to downloads or anything like that. Brooklyn Radio is and will remain a free web site!

If you read this and choose not to subscribe, that’s okay! We’re still glad to have you as a reader/listener. Nobody should feel pressured into this thing, it’s simply an option for people who enjoy supporting independent creators. We already do the same for a dozen other writers/musicians ourselves.

All we ask is that you consider it. It would mean the world to us!