#30thAnniversary – The Beatnuts “The Beatnuts: Street Level”

By 1994, the Beatnuts—consisting of JuJu, Psycho Les, and Fashion (who left the group after this LP)—had established themselves as top East Coast producers. They released their debut project, “Intoxicated Demons: The EP” in 1993, setting the stage for their first self-titled full-length album, also known as “Street Level.” With production almost exclusively handled in-house, the album received favorable reviews despite modest sales, similar to their first release. While they may not be the greatest lyrically, they can ride a beat with ease, but the outstanding production is what makes this LP a must-have for every hardcore hip-hop enthusiast.

Album on YouTube:

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Videos, Remix & Interview:

  • Props Over Here
  • Hit Me With That
  • Get Funky (Remix)

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