#30thAnniversary – Arrested Development “Zingalamaduni”

Arrested Development emerged in 1992, leaving a significant mark with their debut album “3 Years, 5 Months and 2 Days in the Life Of….” The LP sold over 4 million copies, produced major pop hits, and earned the group two Grammy Awards.

In 1994, Arrested Development released their much anticipated sophomore album, “Zingalamaduni”, meaning “a beehive of culture” in Swahili. With Speech once again handling production and delivering much of the lyrics, the album sought to replicate the formula of its predecessor, but fell short commercially, failing to reach gold status.

That doesn’t mean what you have here is a bad record, even if there is no big single to sell it. While “Ease My Mind” might be the only track you remember (and it’s a good one), deep cuts like “Mister Landlord” and “United Minds” are so powerful that they might surpass anything the previous LP had to offer. You have everything you need to form your own opinion below, with the album, videos, remixes, B-sides, live performances, and interviews compiled in a playlist. Enjoy!

Album on YouTube:

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Videos, Remixes, B-Side, Live Performances & Interviews:

  • United Front
  • Ease My Mind
  • Ease My Mind (Another Perspective)
  • Ease My Mind (Premier’s Remix)
  • United Front (Noises In My Attic Remix)
  • Southern Fried Funk
  • Africa’s Inside Me (Avrijah Mix)

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