#30thAnniversary – The Genius “Words From The Genius”

A lot of people think the first solo album from GZA aka The Genius is the classic “Liquid Swords” released in 1995. “Words From The Genius”, one of the only projects pre Wu-Tang era by a member of the group, came out in 1991 via Cold Chillin’ records. Even if the LP was mostly produced by the legendary EZ-Mo-Bee, it is nowhere close to being on the level of the follow-up that came four years later. But it is still an interesting listen for any Wu fan, to hear GZA rhyme over early 90’s more uptempo productions. The album was re-released in 1994 with a new track opener and some change in the order of the tracklisting, before getting reissued once again in 2006 with a couple of bonus tracks.

Full album on YouTube (2006 Reissue):

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  • Come do me


GZA, RZA and ODB all together in 1991 with a dope freestyle from The Genius at the end.

Mr Dan & The RawSoul

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