#30thAnniversary – Ultramagnetic MC’s “Funk Your Head Up”

Fans waited a damn long time to put their hands on Ultramagnetic MC’s follow up to the masterpiece “Critical Beatdown“, released in 1988. So when “Funk Your Head Up” was coming up in the first quarter of 1992, the anticipation was really high, to say the least. And it’s probably the main reason why this project goes down as the worst LP from the crew out of the three albums they released in the first run between 1988 and 1993. Yes, their new label “Mercury” most likely influenced the album in a bad way, trying to find a single to push the release. Yes, songs like “I Like Your Style” are surely not the type of tracks the die hard fans we’re waiting for. But listening back 30 years later, most of the music sounds pretty amazing and the emcee’s are in top form, with Kool Keith in the forefront, always ahead of his time. And the East Coast Mix of “Poppa Large”, the one used in the video, goes down as nothing less then a stone cold classic. So it’s time to jump back in and revisit your opinion about this wonderful piece of work from one of the most innovative crews of that era. Peace to Ced Gee, TR Love, DJ Moe Love and Kool Keith!

Full album on YouTube:

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  • Poppa Large
  • Make it happen


  • Poppa Large (East Coast Mix)
  • Poppa Large (West Coast Mix)
  • Make it happen (Remix)

Live & Interview:



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