#30thAnniversary – Leaders of the New School “A Future Without a Past…”

This album is a must for any Busta Rhymes fanatics. We can basically see the birth of one of the most gifted emcees in the annals of Hip Hop, with energetic verses on incredible tracks like “Case Of The P.T.A.” or “The International Zone Coaster”. But even if history has shown that Busta was the superstar of the group, the other members Dinco D and Charlie Brown we’re also fantastic on the mic. Together, they were bringing an energy reminiscent of groups in the end of the 70’s and early 80’s, while pushing the sound to the future at the same time. With some good production from LONS DJ “Cut Monitor Milo”, “Eric Vietnam Sadler” of the Bomb Squad fame and “The Vibe Chemist Backspin”, you end up with an album close to a classic.

Stream “A Future Without a Past…” on your favorite platform below, watch the videos, but also discover some remixes better than the original versions and witness yourself the energy of their live performances!

Full Album on YouTube:

Stream on Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer & Tidal.

Playlist with the videos:

  • Case Of The P.T.A.
  • Sobb Story
  • The International Zone Coaster

Playlist with remixes:

  • Case Of The P.T.A (Remix)
  • The International Zone Coaster (Ultra Shandilere Tango-Trixx Mix)
  • The International Zone Coaster (Re-Remix Edit)
  • Sobb Story (Remix)

Live performances & interviews:

30th Anniversary Mix:

DOWNLOAD Leaders of The New School “A Future Without A Past…” 30th Anniversary Mix


1- Sobb Story
2- Hugo Montenegro and His Orchestra and Chorus – Aces High
3- What’s the Pinnocchio Theory
4- Fat Boys – Stick ’em
5- Trains Planes and Automobiles
6- Teachers Don’t Teach Us Nonsense
7- Blue Mitchell – The Thing To Do
8- The International Zone Coaster (Ultra Shandilere Tango-Trixx Mix)
9- Case of the P.T.A.
10- Case Of The P.T.A. (Remix)
11- Mike Williams – Lonely soldier
12- Where Do We Go from Here

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