#30thAnniversary – Kwamé & A New Beginning ‎”Nastee”

This third album from Kwamé was a complete departure from his previous releases. His trademark polka-dot clothing was kinda disappearing in favor of a more street flavored vibe. This new attitude was also part of the whole project from beats to rhymes. Kwamé just turned 18 years old when this dropped, so the content is a bit harder and on the sexual tip than his past offerings. In the midst of this sudden change of direction, there’s plenty of funky beats and good moments on “Nastee”. If you’re not familiar with “Ding Dong”, check it out, you’ll find some inspiration used by Busta Rhymes right there! The album was a minor success and Kwamé later reemerged as a producer under the name K1 Mil working with the likes of Mary J. Blige, Tweet, Missy Elliott, Lloyd Banks, LL Cool J, Will Smith, Christina Aguilera and plenty more!

Full album on YouTube:

Video for “Nastee”:

Playlist with remixes & b-sides:

  • Nastee (Xtended version)
  • Nastee (Rare Flipacuss version)
  • Can You Feel It (Pass the 40 remix)
  • Wake it up


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