#30thAnniversary – K-Solo ‎”Times Up”

As an original member of EPMD’s Hit Squad, K-Solo dropped his sophomore album “Times Up” in June of 1992 on Atlantic Records. With an all-star cast of beatmakers consisting of Erick Sermon, PMD, Pete Rock and mainly Sam Sneed (who signed on Death Row in 1993, before K-Solo did the same later on), the LP is pretty solid sonically. Solo is also strong on the mic, especially on the two excellent singles “I Can’t Hold it Back” and “Letterman”, and even goes deeper subject wise, talking about black on black crime on “Who’s Killin’ Who” or prison life on “Premonition of a Black Prisoner”. This is honestly not a classic but without a doubt a record that deserves a couple of new spins.

Sadly, this was the last album K-Solo released in his career, since he ended up with Death Row Records at the wrong time when everything was crashing down.

Full album on YouTube:

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  • I Can’t Hold it Back
  • Letterman


  • I Can’t Hold it Back (remix)
  • Letterman (Pete Rock remix)
  • Letterman (Solid Scheme remix)

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