#30thAnniversary – Gang Starr “Hard To Earn”

Since their first release at the end of the 80’s, it seems Gang Starr we’re only getting better and better with every album. While “Step In The Arena” and “Daily Operation” are two undeniable classics, GURU & Premier probably reached the top of the mountain in 1994 with “Hard To Earn”. Primo didn’t use as many jazz samples this time around but still came up with that gritty boom bap sound, with an extra touch of weirdness for good measure. He wanted to prove to the world that he was far from a one trick pony and the result was some of his best work ever. GURU on his side delivered some of the rawest verses of his career, exposing fake gangsters (Suckas Need Bodyguards), addressing the pressure to conform to mainstream trends (Mass Appeal) or talking about the proliferation of firearms in the ghetto (Tonz ‘O’ Gunz). If you check New York Hip Hop in the dictionary, that LP should pop up right away!

Rediscover this classic below and dig in the samples used by DJ Premier to create that masterpiece on www.whosampled.com.

Album on YouTube:

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Videos, Remix, B-Side, Interviews & Live Performances:

  • DWYCK Feat. Greg Nice & Smooth B.
  • Mass Appeal
  • Code Of The Streets
  • Suckas Need Bodyguards
  • Code To The Street (Kenny Dope Mix)
  • The ? Remainz

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