#30thAnniversary – DJ Krush “Krush”

DJ Krush’s 1994 album (released in 1995 in the US), simply titled “Krush,” is a landmark in the realm of instrumental hip-hop, trip-hop or acid jazz. It showcases Krush’s distinctive style from the mid 90’s, blending elements of hip-hop and jazz to create a captivating sonic landscape. The album features boom bap drums and hypnotic loops, all expertly crafted, plus a couple of live instruments sprinkled around, to transport listeners on a memorable journey. The Japanese DJ and beatmaker ended up collaborating with Hip Hop royalties like CL Smooth, Mos Def, GURU and Black Thought later in his career, but it all started with gems like “Strictly Turntablized” and this incredible eponymous LP.

Listen to the album below and dig in the samples on www.whosampled.com.

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