#30thAnniversary – Biz Markie “All Samples Cleared!”

The cover of Biz Markie's All Samples Cleared.

After all the debacle around his previous album “I Need A Haircut” and the song “Alone Again (Naturally)”, the diabolical Biz Markie was back with the aptly titled LP “All Samples Cleared!”, the last one on Cold Chillin’ records. The project starts strong with “I’m the Biz Markie” and the excellent single “Young Girl Bluez”, but kind of falls flat after the first three songs, with another singing single “Let Me Turn You On” built around a classic McFadden & Whitehead sample. Let’s just say that the magic around the smash hit “Just a Friend” was sadly impossible to recreate. This track is surrounded by what we can only categorize as long interludes before finally coming back on course on song 8 with “I’m Singin'”. In the end, there is still a lot of enjoyable moment for all the Biz Markie fans, on what would become his last piece of work on wax that deserves attention. 

Listen to the album on YouTube, watch the videos and a long lost interview below, and dig in the (cleared) samples used to create that project on whosampled.com!

Full album on YouTube:


  • Young Girl Bluez
  • Let me turn you on


RIP to The One & Only Diabolical Biz Markie!

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