#30thAnniversary – Odd Squad “Fadanuf Fa Erybody”

In the mid-90s, the hip-hop scene exploded with a plethora of groundbreaking albums. One of these records was “Fadanuf Fa Erybody” by Houston’s Odd Squad, comprised of Devin the Dude, Rob Quest, and Jugg Mugg. Their debut album, released in 1994, was a game-changer, blending Southern Gospel harmonies with raunchy lyrics, and was hailed as Rap-A-Lot’s best release by Scarface. However, despite their talent, the album struggled to gain traction outside of Houston. Devin the Dude ended up releasing multiple solo LP’s and became quite successful, while the crew continued to release music under the name “Coughee Brothaz” with other members. If you can handle the nasty talk, this opus is a real gem in their discography, perfect to get your groove on and have a good time!

Listen to the album and watch two videos below. You can also check out the source material on www.whosampled.com and catch a nice brand new interview on Donnie Houston TV with all three original members. Enjoy!

Album on YouTube:

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  • Fa Sho’
  • I Can’t See It

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