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Polish DJ Shorty82 stopped by for a special 50min of strictly Doom beats, picking his favorites from the 10 vinyl deep Box Set titled Special Herbs. Also check out his Raw Jazz mix he recorded for us last year!

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1. Vinca Rosea
2. Calamus Root
3. Saffron
4. Passion Flower
5. Nettle Leaves
6. Fenugreek
7. Vervain
8. Dragon’s Blood
9. Bergamot
10. Lemon Grass
11. Arrow Root
12. Podina
13. Dragon’s Blood Resine
14. Sumac Berries
15. Chrysathemum Flowers
16. Benzoin Gum
17. Camphor
18. Patchouly Leaves
19. Orris Root Powder
20. High John
21. Licorice

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