Jules X – 50 Years of Hip Hop

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Here is a new guestmix by Jules X to celebrate 50 years of Hip Hop. It’s a mix of old and new hip hop and who they sampled from – featuring 55 records and clocking in at around 47 minutes.

The mix is built on connections of samples and hip hop tracks, for example the mix starts with a jazz track from Larry Willis which was made in 1973 (the birth year of hip hop). That track has a break with a sitar that has been used by the Gravediggaz and Tyler the Creator, which follow after the Larry Willis track. These two hip hop tracks also contain a drum break from the Lafayette Afro Rock Band, which will be heard right after. Tune in to this firework of hip hop and its origins!


  1. Robert Glasper intro
  2. Larry Willis: inner crisis (jazz)
  3. Gravediggaz: 2 cups of blood
  4. Tyler the Creator: Lumberjack
  5. Lafayette afro rock band: Hihache (funk – 1973)
  6. Eric B & Rakim: paid in full
  7. Ofra Haza: Im Nin alu
  8. De La Soul: Plug Tunin
  9. The Invitations: written on the wall
  10. Jean Jacques Perry: E.V.A.
  11. Gangstarr: Just to get a rep
  12. Fearless Four: Rockin it
  13. Jay Z: Sunshine
  14. David Porter: I’m Afraid the Masquerade Is Over
  15. Notorious BIG: Who shot ya
  16. Eazy E: interlude
  17. Dr Dre: A Nxxxx with a gun
  18. Johnny Hammond: Big Sur Suite
  19. Beastie Boys: Pass the mic
  20. Original Concept: Can U feel it
  21. The Jackson 5: It’s great to be here
  22. Nas: If I ruled the world
  23. 50 cent: Hate it or love it
  24. The Trammps: Rubber Band
  25. Marvin Gaye: I want you
  26. Kendrick Lamar: Heart
  27. Spoonin Gee: spoonin rap
  28. Public Enemy: Terminator X The edge of Panic
  29. Wilson Pickett: Engine nr 9
  30. NWA: F… the Police
  31. The Dramatics: Get up and Down
  32. House of Pain: Shamrocks & Shenanigans
  33. Funkdoobiest: wopbabalubop
  34. Gene Vincent: Be Bop a Lula
  35. Digital Underground: Hip Hop Doll
  36. Mc Shan: The Bridge
  37. Man Parrish: Hip Hop Be Bop
  38. Capone & Noriega: LA LA
  39. The Dogg Pound: New York New York
  40. Wendy & Rene: After Laughter
  41. Dean Jones: Company
  42. Beastie Boys: Electrify
  43. Charles Aznavour: Parce que tu croix
  44. Dr Dre: What’s the difference
  45. Ramsey Lewis: summer breeze
  46. Little Simz: Gorillaz
  47. Jimmy Smith: i’m gonna love you just a little bit more
  48. Tyler The Creator: manifesto
  49. Beastie Boys: professor Booty
  50. Cocoa Brovas: Super Brooklyn
  51. Mario Bros interlude
  52. Gene Chandler: Duke or Earl
  53. Cypress Hill: Hand on a pump
  54. Slick Rick: La di da di
  55. Leftfield: operation check one

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