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Meet Pawel Kowalczyk aka Dj Shorty82 from Pila City, Poland – wax collector & strictly vinyl junkie, fascinated by the sound of bit machines such as SP1200, MPC2000XL, SP404, S950… His latest instrumental mixtape is called Raw Jazz and a Brooklyn Radio exclusive!

Let Shorty82 take you deep down into Boom Bap space with touch of Jazz, Psychedelic and Electronic sounds… Relax, enjoy and feel this vibe!


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1. Damu The Fudgemunk- Brooklyn Flower (Alternate Extended Version)
2. Kankick- Fear Is Of The Mind feat. Maysis
3. Vinyl Dogs- Vinyl Dogs Vibe feat. Lord Finesse
4. Pings- Look Again
5. Mr. Brown- Good Weather
6. Jazz Spastiks- Flying
7. Dave Sparkz & Wodoo Wolcan- Classic
8. Flo Filz- Rooftops feat. 12Vince
9. Figub Brazlević- Bang Boom Bang
10. Dexter- Raw Jazz
11. Headnodic- Boogaloo Stuff
12. Fredfades- Hands
13. Jazz Liberatorz- Dark Keys feat. M’Selem
14. Graf Cratedigger- Moon feat. Marek Pędziwiatr
15. Makul- PoJAZZd Jednośladowy
16. 8Bit- Wowzers
17. Klaus Layer- Our Hearts
18. Drumatic- It Gets Ruffa
19. Def Dee- Pay More Attention
20. Dela- Vibrate
21. Metro- Get Down
22. Mr. Brown- Look Deeper
23. Lewis Parker- Truth Syndrome
24. Hulk Hodn & Hubert Daviz- Ducera
25. Dead Man Funk- UntitledTrack 1(InstrumentalAlbum Vol.2)
26. Graf Cratedigger- Dreams

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