The Goat Feed (EP.1)

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The Goat Feed is a monthly digital mix founded, curated and mixed by More Beats > Less Sleep core member B Moore. Each month the Goat Feed brings you the dopest beats from the MBLS collective. With over 1000 members strong, the featured beats bring you a variety of styles, ranging from experimental ambient, to classic boombap to your traditional, AND non-traditional lo-fi fare. Originally a straight mix released on Soundcloud, the format has now evolved through a partnership with MBLS and Brooklyn Radio and will now feature revolving hosts and interviews with MLBS members to go alongside the curated mix – this mix is GOATS only yo. Don’t sleep.

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YG h y p n o s – [solidgold] Junzi- Vice City
Nimzo- Genetic Engineering
Mowgli- Windwaker
Reasone Interview pt. 1
Chameleon Sessions- 9Gates
Doc Infinity- Concrete
Yeshintae- Rolling Waves
Reasone Interview pt. 2
Batteryhead – Caltrop Cakes
b l o o p r – washingmyhands
Battosai-Positive vibes
Ashley Kafifar- Damp Sneakers
Reasone Interview pt. 3
Heavy x b l o o p r- Moonshine
A_smith- Streams
Lim Jahey- Candy
S i M- Dill Pickles
Reasone Interview pt. 4
Urban Shmn- Forest Dance
Caveman Summer- Kill Pilgrims

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