The Goat Feed (EP.2)

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In our second episode, we sit down with MBLS core member Jae.Ford.  We discuss his musical journey, the trials and tribulations of the early Hardware and Software producers, and some real on the correlation between American poverty and American musical prosperity.

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b l o o p r- Snozberries & C.R.E.A.M
Per Diem Productions- Native Tears
Heavo- Flyin’
Junzi- Get Well Soon
smpls- Infamous
Element – Doc Infinity

Jae. Ford Interview pt. 1

Amotbeats- The East
Yonderling- What Are Dreams
URBN SHMN- Ant Farm Flip
Mowgli- Another Jazz Joint
Vanszi- Ginsburg

Jae. Ford Interview pt. 2

Reaseone- Dianoia
Batteryhead- Victim Of The Big Bang
Nimzo- Blades
Furcifer- Illuminator feat. B.Moore
Jae. Ford- Long Johns

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