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DJ Sun Guestmix


After featuring his new album “100” recently on our website, we got in touch with DJ Sun and asked if he’d be interested in dropping an exclusive guest mix on Brooklyn Radio. Well, he didn’t need much convincing and only a few weeks later we are very proud to present this DJ Sun mix. Enjoy!

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Here’s some comments from the man himself:

I started the mix with an excerpt from a YouTube interview I did for Free Press Houston where I describe my background a bit, which goes back 20 years of musical work in Houston (dj-ing and radio show) with the last 7 years doing production. Before that I was in Suriname and prior to that I was in Holland, where I was born.

The tracks selected are mostly the more energetic ones off the album, which tell the story a bit further, so to speak. Right after the intro, I actually play the intro of “Seconds” which has a Jamaican dancehall artist singing “Going down to Texas”… That sets it all off.

I thought one of my most favorite songs from the 90s, “Wishing on A Star”, a Rose Royce cover done by Fresh Four (with the JB Funky Drummer loop as its driving force) would mix well with Marksonthekeys…

Additionally, Tim Ruiz (my mixing engineer during the recording of the album), a good friend, multi-instrumentalist, and 3-time Grammy winner with La Mafia, during the mixing process of “One Hundred” had added some spacey effects to “Seconds.” So in this mix I thought it might go well with the “landing” of the “eagle” in Steve Miller’s “Fly Like and Eagle.” So I brought that in during that part.

“F Train to Church” has references to NYC, and is primarily a document celebrating the many trips I made to visit NYCTrust’s E’s E- which ultimately lead to our collaborative effort on “Tomorrow”… My Moms was born in NYC… I have visited regularly since 1973… Not to sound too corny, but NYC does have a special important place in my history. My odes to BK celebrated in those two tracks.

The mix closes with something brand-spanking-new!: Yppah’s take on “Heart Seed.” Yppah is a Houston native, now living in Cali, signed to Ninja Tune. He really brought it on the remix. I played the instrumental and the vocal track featuring the amazing voice of Leah Alvarez.

Enjoy & share! Thanks!


F Train to Church
Brown Brother
Heart Seed (Yppah Remix) (Instrumental)
Heart Seed Feat Leah Alvarez (Yppah Remix)

All songs from “One Hundred”- DJ Sun, with additional excerpts from “Wishing on a Star” (Fresh Four) and “Fly Like an Eagle” (Steve Miller Band).

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