Creative Movement by Chief x Keeto (Episode5)

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Chief & Keeto brings a mixed selection of soulful tracks, jazz rock, brazilian mood and more ! 100% summer vibes, 100% vinyls… Stay cool & relax!

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Creative Movement – Intro
Florian Poser – Take it Easy
Puzzle – State of Mind
Yutaka Yokokura – Evening Star
Stereolab – Brakkhage
Elis Regina – Vento de Maio
MPB4 – Alua
La Planète Sauvage – Générique / Le Bracelet
Miles Away – Tones for Larry Young
J-Rawls – A Tribute to the Beatminerz
Africa interlude
Heatwave – The Star Of A Story
Gilles Scott-Heron & Brian Jackson – Beginnings (First Minute of a Day)

Yasuaki Shimizu – Crow
David Riordan – Metropolis
Wally Badarou – Novela Das Nove
Ramon Pyrme – Vacances Union
Eddy La Viny – Havan Hamac
Azimuth – Tempos Atraz
Clear – Equal Love Opportunity
Paul Ritchie with Sweet Exocist Band – Midnight Run
Orea – Desintegration
Software – Island Sunrise

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