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Good morning, good evening, good afternoon,

My name is mike clay aka @alldayjam.
I’m recording this blend in a small shack on the coast of El Salvador so don’t you get too harsh on my transitions – I’m supposed to fly back home soon but, I think I’ll stay a little longer. I’m learning how to stay away from the internet, redrawing my 5-year plan and slowly but surely, finding my footing on the unpredictable ocean.
If count my guitar and my toothbrush, these tunes are pretty much the only other things I brought in my backpack. The days moves a little differently around here and It’s been a real pleasure taking the time to spin albums in full.
On the menu, some broken beats from Montreal, some mellow hippyhoppy from London town and some forgotten folk musaic from the u s and a. This beat is too good for all this talking,

Whether your tuning in from Sao Paolo Brazil, Brooklyn New York, Montpellier France or home sweet home Montreal,

Don’t forget to go outside
p.s I’ll post these selections on Spotify so don’t be shy to come say hi at mike clay. The playlist is called Morning Meditations:

Keep it locked.


  1. Radiant Children – Poke Bowl
  2. Orion Sun – Concrete
  3. NEDJA_Flower Boy
  4. Brien & ffolliott – IDKWHY
  5. Selfish w_ Master Soul Boy
  6. The Silhouettes Project_Standing There (feat. Kosher, Paya)
  7. Mach Hommy_SELF LUH
  8. Lex Amor – Rocks (Prod. Mike Keyz)
  9. Knucks – Los Pollos Hermanos
  10. Quelle Chris & Chris Keys – Sudden Death
  11. p-rallel – Believe ft. Fredwave, Jeshi
  12. Gayance_Sirens feat. KALLITECHNIS
  13. Seb Wildwood_Night Ride (with Lex Amor)
  14. Godriguez – Make This Magic
  15. Deem Spencer_Stuck on Me
  16. Cruza_Brewster
  17. Nala Sinephro_Space 1
  18. Dijon_Big Mike’s
  19. Maverick Sabre – Not Easy Love (feat. Demae)
  20. Carlton and the Shoes – Never Give Your Heart Away
  21. Ted Lucas – Plain And Sane And Simple Melody
  22. That’s All Right (Håkan Hellström edit) by Laura Rivers
  23. Outro

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