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Good morning, good evening, good afternoon. My name is Mike Clay aka @alldayjam. This is morning Meditations.

In the headlines, I’m putting out a surprise record next week, so keep your ears pealed – all praise due to every single one of you that have given my latest “Listen Father” a spin, means the world to me. I’ll be honest, I can hear touring season getting closer one day at a time but, I’m trying not to think about it too hard, this has been the soundtrack that’s helped me levitate through it all.

On tap, some of my own montreal homegrown, some high notes from the uk and some soulful affairs from the u s and a.

Whether you’re tuning in from Sao Paolo Brazil, Brooklyn New York, Montpellier France or home sweet home Montreal,
Don’t forget to go outside

Ps don’t be shy to come say hi on spotify, this playlist is called Morning Meditations


  1. Pale Jay & Okonski – By The Lake
  2. Elisa Imperilee – Closer (prod. by Whoeva_)
  3. agajon – naigotmelike
  4. Contour – Pour
  5. Theo Croker, Ego Ella May, D’LEAU – THEO SAYS ft. Ego Ella May, D’LEAU
  6. chlothegod – Camille
  8. seb wildblood – sketches
  9. Mike Clay_Listen Father
  10. _BY.ALEXANDER – TRUMPETS ft. 070 Shake
  11. Wayne Shorter – Ponta de Areia
  12. Wood ft. Yu Su – Duval Timothy
  13. Venna – Casa Lopez (feat. Masego & Mick Jenkins)
  14. Yaya Bey – ‘you up_’
  15. Budgie – race my mind budgie mix
  16. DARGZ – Lou’s Tune feat. Moses Boyd
  17. deem spencer – shorty pt. 3
  18. BLK ODYSSY & Bootsy Collins – Honeysuckle Neckbone
  19. Kay Young – Woe Is Me (ft. Ego Ella May)
  20. Bobby Oroza – I Got Love – BC098-45 – Side A
  21. Dijon – coogie

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