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Good morning, good evening, good afternoon. My name is Mike Clay aka @alldayjam.

Wake up, cooks some beats, play some old songs trumpet, skip some rope, go for a long swim, rinse and repeat. For the first time since I started in music, I’ve got some time on my hands and I couldn’t be happier.

Morning Meditations has officially come to life. All praise due to every single one of ya’ll that have given Redcup a spin. It’s only fitting that the human that talked me into releasing it in the first place be a part of the next step in this journey. To be honest, a lot of the shiny plaques in my studio are there because of BYNON and after writing about 500 tunes for artists we can’t name, we accidently finished one for ourselves. More on that in the next episode but, if you’d like to hear Listen Father first, don’t be shy, come say hi on spotify at Mike Clay.

On tap, some oddball jazz from the u s and a, a bit of Brazilian cheesecake and some dark soulful business from the UK. Keep it locked.

Whether you’re tuning in from Sao Paolo Brazil, Brooklyn New York, Montpellier France or home sweet home Montreal,

Don’t forget to go outside.



  1. PACHYMAN – All Night Long
  2. LANDEL – In The Middle Of It
  3. Ezra Collective – Space is the Place
  4. Natanya Popoola – Foolish
  5. E. Jones – Rooftop Summer
  6. Aby Coulibaly – Weekdays
  7. Dreamcast – Up 2 U
  8. Ethel – Andromeda
  9. Eliza – Straight Talker
  10. AgaJon, Léonie Barbot, Aga John Machirus, Simon Kempner– Bleu
  11. Figmore, JUICEB☮X, 10.4 Rog – Rosie (K, Le Maestro Remix)
  13. Brand Nubian – Allah and Justice
  14. lavender – peppermint
  15. Dr. Nico & L’Orchestre African Fiesta – 1. Lolita
  16. Hamid El Shaeri, Magdy Khafaga, SLAM! Records – Dari Demou’ek (Habibi Funk 018)
  17. Seb Wildblood – Keep On Ft. Ouri [AMT028]
  18. Alexander Nut – Stressed Out (Alex Nuts Jackin’ Mix)
  19. KiLLOWEN – Bar Fights & Poetry
  20. Yani Mo – Lemon Water _
  21. Tim Lyre – Hubris (ft. Lex Amor) (Visualiser)
  22. Tim Bernardes – BB (Garupa de Moto Amarela)

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