#30thAnniversary – Wreckx-N-Effect “Hard Or Smooth”

Things were not the same anymore when Wreckx-N-Effect released their second album “Hard Or Smooth”. They lost one of the group members to senseless violence, when Brandon “DJ B-Doggs” Mitchell was shot to death in 1990. They also slightly changed their name and moved to another label, leaving Motown for MCA Records. All of that didn’t prevent them from finding more success, mainly due to the immense popularity of the first single, the smash hit “Rump Shaker”. Most of the lyrics through the LP are about their prowess with women, which can get tiring pretty fast, but they still managed to put together a solid body of work with banging tracks like “New Jack Swing II” and “Wreckx Shop”. Listed as the executive producer and also getting production credits on every track, the sound of the inventor of New Jack Swing “Teddy Riley” is felt all over the album. A project that definitely deserves a couple of new spins more than 30 years later!

Catch the videos, tons of remixes and a couple of live performances below to enjoy the sound of Wreckx-N-Effect in 1992.

Full album on YouTube:


  • Rump Shaker
  • Wreckx Shop
  • Knock-N-Boots
  • My Cutie


  • Rump Shaker (Teddy 2)
  • Rump Shaker (Raggaside)
  • Wreckx Shop (Jamaica Mix)
  • Wreckx Shop (Teddy’s Mix With Fade)
  • Wreckx Shop (Blacka Mix)
  • Wreckx Shop (Posse Deep Mix)
  • Wreckx Shop (Full Crew Mix) feat. Apache Indian
  • Wreckx Shop (Club Dub)
  • Wreckx Shop (Jazztrumental)
  • Wreckx Shop (Slaughterhouse Mix)
  • My Cutie (Smooth Cutie Remix)
  • My Cutie (Hard Cutie Mix)
  • My Cutie (Extended)
  • Knock-N-Boots (Chant Radio Mix)

Live Performances:

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