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Inner Ocean Records is an instrumental hip hop label based in Calgary, Canada, bringing together bedroom producers and visual artists from around the world to create some of the finest chilled out music around. In this one hour show with founder Cory Giordano and creative director Mike Macdonald, they feature some favourite selects from the back catalogue, tracks from the FUTURES and BLESS series compilations and end off with some unreleased music coming out soon on the label.

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Intro track – Dominic Pierce – Neon O.K.
bsd.u – charlie
Arbour – Red
Borealism – Glider
Dominic Pierce – Still ft. Felivand
Rhakim Ali – Try II
Kazumi Kaneda – Smog
RudeManners – Walkin & Wonderin’
Dominic J Marshall – Inca Boat
Interlude – Knowmadic – Roam
Ciro Mont – you
Konteks & Quiett – feeling no pain
Vahbyz – untitled piano bump
Keem The Cipher – (the I in We)
Idealism – Evenings
Kawfee – Satin
Interlude – Mora – Falling
TiMT – Bury The Past (ft. Haruki Ishida)
Oatmello – Piazza
G Mills – Somber
Baechulgi – Forgettable
bsd.u – 4 [bump] Interlude – jus. – on it
Ideism – Untitled
Axian – Mist (w/ Obijuan)
Telemakus – Reflections
Drips Zacheer – Landing Point
Outro – Dominic Pierce – Smoovedout

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