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It’s just the crew on this one. We open the show with SPORTS and talk about the issues surrounding the Rio Olympics and how we feel this may effect the athletes, as well as, those in attendance. Is there doo-doo in the water? Are athletes getting robbed? Should you watch Olympic basketball? Afterwards we get into our CULTURE [19:35] segment where we talk about The Rub’s 14th Anniversary dance party and the next wave of music-industry focused television shows [25:00], including VinylRoadiesEmpireNashville, and the upcoming The Get Down andATL. Topics include how “real” these shows are, why the music industry can be a compelling storytelling platform, the power of soundtracks, what music supervisors do, the business of synchronization rights and the role of nostalgia. We close the show with our MUSIC [1:03:00] segment, where we give you some recommendations to get your summer moving. All that, plus obligatory Knicks talk, Hamilton and Time Square The Musical! Thanks to and the Brickhaus. Props to King Capo and shouts to Aruba!

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