The Melt Compilation Vol. 1


The Melt is a forward-thinking music blog and club night based out of Los Angeles, showcasing up and coming musicians from all over the globe. Last week the collective released a free compilation and you can read more via the site’s official words below…

Since our beginning, we’ve been consistently crossing paths with talented artists one way or another. Whether it was from them playing one of our shows, or us finding them on the web, we’ve found something we love about everyone on here. The Melt Compilation Vol. 1 is a collection of songs from these artists alongside all five of our residents who include Gossamer, Moiety, Snorlax, FuzZ, Kloud and Djemba Djemba. The styles incorporated within the compilation span one too many sub-genres too mention. The release itself is a result of the growing community of talent that we find ourselves in each day. We’re grateful to be a part of such a progressive movement of artists who are paving new paths and we look forward to being here to watch the growth continue. Download/stream the entire compilation below for free!

DOWNLOAD The Melt Compilation Vol. 1

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