#30thAnniversary – Jeru The Damaja “The Sun Rises In The East”

DJ Premier is, with his partner GURU, one of the best Hip Hop duo of all time. But Primo found the way to create another incredible combination with Jeru The Damaja, a versatile emcee from East New York, Brooklyn.

Jeru made his major label debut on Gang Starr’s “I’m the Man” and quickly gained attention with his fiery verses. His breakout single “Come Clean,” became an underground hit, showcasing innovative beat-making and raw lyricism, while creating a big buzz for a full album. Far from disappointing, the production on “The Sun Rises In The East” pushed creative boundaries, resulting in a gritty, streetwise sound paired with Jeru’s impeccable but unorthodox delivery. Tracks like “D. Original,” “Brooklyn Took It,” and “You Can’t Stop The Prophet” are a testament to the duo’s synergy, with Premier’s experimental beats complementing Jeru’s powerful storytelling, making this LP a timeless hip-hop classic.

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Videos, Remixes & Interviews:

  • Come Clean
  • D.Original
  • You Can’t Stop The Prophet
  • You Can’t Stop The Prophet (Pete Rock Remix)

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