The Goat Feed (EP.3)

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More beats less sleep resident Pokemon master grumpysnorlax interviews heavobeats about his goats, shilohdynasty flips, and other various grievances in April’s episode of the goat feed.

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Serf – Wave Lord
CJ Beats- Your Sins
Yeah Beats- Ocean Sails
Mowgli- Runnin’
Battosai -Origin of the LoFi Villian
Ashley Kafifar- Angie On The Strip-Oh-Gram

Heavo Interview pt. 1

Robotic Hands Of God- Absence Of Denial (The Sound Of)
a_smith- glitch
Junzi- Moonlight ft. Qualms
Koma x Quima- Roull
Emerld- Get You Down
Batteryhead- Penfield Mood Organ
Hash- Arboc

Heavo interview pt.2

Caveman Summer- Pomegranate
S I M- Rainy Days
Chameleon Sessions- Introduction
Jae.Ford- Storm
Yonderling- Whisper
Heavo- Harmony

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