So Undead! Trailer

So Undead! is an exhibit about making connections between seemingly unrelated genres: Extreme Guitar Music ie. Punk, Metal and HC and the endless shades of Electronica. The art that will be shown at the event is wholly based on interviews conducted with artists, who in the past have dabbled in guitar distortion and are currently masters of the art of the synthetic. The interviewees include: Mary Anne Hobbs, Robot Koch (Jahcoozi), Cristian Vogel (Super Collider), T.Raumschmiere, Lars Kirchbach (Tolcha), Vladislav Delay (Luomo), The Foreign Beggars, CREEP, Sneaky (Fingathing), The Bug etc.

The interviews will be presented as a series of book panels designed and illustrated by 44flavours, Nathan Menglesis and Margarita Rojas, and a video installation prepared by director Pol Ponsarnau. Additionally Robot Koch, Cristian Vogel and Sneaky will be playing an eclectic mixture of Garage, Punk, Metal and Electronica.

The project was curated by Lukasz Polowczyk & 44flavours

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