Recycled Funk Episode 14 (Live @ APT 2.9.04)

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If you lived in NYC in the early 2000’s and were part of the “in-crowd”, chances are you experienced a night or two, or twelve at APT. For several years APT was “the” spot to be at on any night of the week. An indiscreet black door at 419 W.13th st. with no name or address. If you were lucky enough to get it, it might change your life. It did for me…

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The two nights that really put APT on the map where Monday and Wednesday nights. Every week Bobbito Garcia aka Cucumber Slice held court on Monday’s with his “Waffles & Falafel’s” party (they actually sold waffles at the party). On Wednesday nights the almighty Rich Medina reigned supreme with his “Lil Ricky’s Rib Shack”. Ad the that the likes of supremely talented DJ’s, Akalepse, Emskee & Monk One, who graced the decks on the upper level, and you were in for a musical treat all night long on either floor.

My professional DJ career literally started around the same time APT first opened it’s doors. By the time I had gained some traction, experience, and notoriety, APT’s reputation was being solidified as the hottest club/lounge in NYC to feature non-pop music. So as you can imagine, I was extremely excited and a lil awestruck when I was given the chance to spin at APT. My DJ career wasn’t even a year old, I didn’t even own a complete DJ setup yet, but I knew how to put it down when I needed to. My first and second set happened on Wednesday night, opening up for Rich. That was in the summer of 2002. My next set is the one featured here. Monday night, February 9th, 2004 as a guest and opening DJ for Bobbito. The same Bobbito I’d spent countless nights listening to on the legendary “Stretch Armstrong and Bobbito show” on WKCR radio.

I decided to record this all vinyl set and make a mix cd of it. This live recorded mix would be, is my most popular mix to date….14yrs later. I’ve been told numerous stories about how my mix rocked a few parties that didn’t have a live DJ, and the overall feedback has always been stelar with high regard from anyone I gave or sold a copy to. Rocking it live on that Funktion One sound system was pretty sweet, but the recorded mix definitely helped build and solidify my reputation in NYC as a premier selectah. I don’t consider it my best mix but it’s definitely one of my better pre-digital era live sets. Years later I would become a resident DJ at APT during it’s final year. Sadly it closed it’s doors many years ago, but it’s legacy and reputation have never faded. If you experienced it than you probably already know how special that place and time was for NYC nightlife. It all started right after 9-11. The city was obviously in a depressed funk, and in need of some soulful, funky, head nod hip-hop healing. APT and the world renowned and local DJ’s that rotated and rocked guest sets, came at just the right time.

I’m really glad that i was able to be a part of it all, not just as a regular patron but also as a featured DJ. It’s the venue that really sparked my hunger & ambition to pursue a career as a DJ, and as expected…things only got better from there. So please enjoy this trip down memory lane, my live all vinyl set at one of NYC’s most iconic party spaces!


1. The Meters – Clap ya hands
2. A Tribe Called Quest – Clap your hands
3. Kool & The Gang – Give it up
4. Eric B. & Rakim – Don’t sweat the technique
5. Lafayette Afro Rock Band – Darkest Light
6. Public Enemy – Show em what you got
7. The J.B.’s – More peas
8. Gang Starr – Now you’re mine
9. Incredible Bongo Band – Apache
10. Heatwave – Ain’t no halfsteppin’
11. Doug E. Fresh – Keep rising to the top
12. Grand Puba – Check it out feat. Mary J. Blige
13. Madonna – Justify my love
14. Pieces of a Dream – Mt. Airy groove
15. Marvin Gaye – I’ve got my music (acapella)
16. King Floyd – Groove me
17. Roy Ayers – Love will bring us back together
18. Mark The 45King – 900 Number
19. Kurtis Blow -The breaks
20. Cypress Hills – Insane in the brain
21. Run DMC – Sucker M.C.
22. Eric B. & Rakim – I ain’t no joke
23. James Brown – Funky drummer instrumental
24. Jackson 5 – I want you back
25. Marvin Gaye – After the dance
26. Stevie Wonder – Livin’ for the city
27. Kraftwerk – Trans Europe express
28. Manu Dibango – New bell
29. The Police – voices inside my head (outro)

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