Recycled Funk Episode 11 (Sunset Beach)

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This latest R.F. mix is dedicated to a summertime feel good funky vibe. “Sunset Beach” is a beach front resort in Long Island, NY that I’ve DJ’d at a couple of times. As the name implies, the summer sunsets here are pretty spectacular. Musically speaking, the vibe is upbeat, funky, groovy, not necessarily a party, but can easily transition into one. The vibe tends to mellow out as the night progresses. It’s not a club, so that type of energy isn’t desired or needed. I hope you enjoy it! – OBaH

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1. Towa Tei – Technova
2. A Tribe Called Quest – Find a Way
3. Marc Mac – Dirty Old Bossa Nova
4. New Cool Collective – Trippin’ feat. Tony Allen (mixed w/Drake “one dance”)
5. Skales – Temper
6. Akoya Afrobeat – Wahala
7. B.T. Express – Do it (Til you’re satisfied)
8. Michael Wycoff – Looking up to you (instrumental)
9. Jamiroquai – Alright 6 High Times
10. Goldlink – Fall in Love (feat. Ciscero)
11. 20th Century Steel Band – Heaven and Hell
12. Trus’me – W.A.R.
13. War – Galaxy
14. Jimmy Castor Bunch – It’s Just Begun (Larry Levan-Disco tech mix)
15. Afrika Bambaataa & The Soulsonic Force – Planet Rock (Kaytranada remix)
16. Harvey Sutherland – Priestess (mixed with Dee Lite “groove is in the heart”)
17. Calvin Harris feat. Future & Khalid – Rollin
18. Eric Lau – Harmonics
19. AfroQBen – Hypnotize me
20. Marvin Gaye – T plays it Cool
21. Kool & The Gang – Soul Vibration

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