Potassium Flavoured Tapes And Some Supa Dupa Shit #009

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“Potassium Flavoured Tapes And Some Supa Dupa Shit” is a show focused on the darkish, deep, and colorful rumbling bass lines that characterize 1995-1997 hip hop production. Expect demos, unreleased flavor, rare remixes and rare beats, carefully selected and finely mixed by your boy The Captain Who Went To Lunch with the goal to represent the finest 90’s hip hop underground production, that would satisfy the sweet tooth of even the hardest indie-hip hop heads.
Enjoy yourself!

The Captain

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0. Potassium Flavoured Tapes Intro by The Captain Who Went To Lunch
1. Outro In Three Takes by Anthony Marshall
2. Chronicle II (Interlude) by Ill Biskits
3. Bad 4 Business by T.E.F.L.O.N.
4. Let Me Get Down by Craig Mack
5. Mos Def by Definite Vacation 4 Suckaz
6. Place To Be by Ill Biskits
7. Mic To Mic by Big Kwam
8. Snake Eyes by Buttas
9. My Enemy by Mathematik
10. Mind Skills (Benevolent Freestyle Mix) by Da Great Deity Dah
11. Two Outta Millions
12. Elements Of Mind (Black Rain Remix) by Citizen Kane
13. G.U.N.S. by L
14. O My Mind by DOwn To Erf
15. Hands To The Sky by The Nobodies
16. On A Mission by PD3
17. I Get Down Like THat by Redman
18. How You Like It by The 45 King
19. Lyricist Lounge Promo by Vice Grip
20. Survive’n The Game (Instrumental) by Homeliss Derilex
21. Survive’n The Game by Homeliss Derilex
22. Time’s Up (Katalyst Remix) by O.C.
23. Method Man & Ghostface Killah, Freestyle on The Stretch Armstrong Show (Apr ’94)
24. A Day In Da Stuy by Major Stress
25. A View To Kill by Rasco
26. Freaky Flow by Special Ed
27. Uprise by Mathematik
28. 45 Kickin’ It Live by Mr Voodoo
29. Smooth WIt Mine by Nautilus
30. Critical (Madlib Remix) by Zion I
31. Mom’s The Ghetto by Kinetic
32. What A Year by Chubb Rock
33. Insights by Mood (Unreleased Version)
34. Road To Success by Hasstyle
35. Destiny by The Nobodies
36. That’s How We Do It (Disseshowedo Mix) by Casual

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