Oonops Drops – World Trail 9

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Feel invited to another hike on the World Trail with music from around the globe. This time Oonops has focussed on African based tunes after opening the show with four jazzy and beatsy tunes. This time 2b fuzzy contributes an exclusive guest mix. He’s a Berlin based music promoter, freelance journalist and DJ and dropped a fiery selection of African music including tracks of his upcoming compilation »Two Tribes Volume Two« on Agogo Records featuring Guts, Dowdelin, Wanubalé and many more for this trip.

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Enjoy the journey and visit your host Oonops on Mixcloud, Facebook & Bandcamp, plus his guest 2b Fuzzy on Mixcloud & here: http://www.passionate-pr.de.


OONOPS MIX PART (00:00 min – 36:32 min)
01 Nautilus – Nebulosa
02 Flako Mesektet – Hotsh
03 Flevans – Dumb Ballad
04 Zesik – Surviving Skills
05 Fella Cutie – Water No get Enemy (Unreleased Edit)
06 Afrodyssey Orchestra – Soil Festivities
07 The Quantic Soul Orchestra – Raw Ingredients (Nostalgia 77 Mix)
08 Shaolin Afronauts – Rise With The Blind
09 Hoodna Afrobeat Orchestra – Tabu
2B FUZZY GUESTMIX (36:32 min – 1:29:41 min)
10 Kaleo Sansaa – Next Chapter [Loyal Records] 11 Sophia Nazyisenga & Andi Otto – Ishema [YNFND] 12 Dowdelin – Vis a Vie [Underdog] 13 Argile – Tagtraum eines Elefanten [Music for Dreams] 14 Octa Push featuring Ary – Xilofone Tetete [Rebel Up] 15 Keleketla – International Love Affair [Ahead of our Time] 16 Muito Kaballa – Curupira [Rebel Up] 17 Tiliboo – Dekondor [Agogo Records] 18 Wanubalé vs Dr Markuse – Strange Heat Dub [Agogo Records] 19 Onipa – Soha GB3K3 [Strut] 20 Gato Preto – Dia D [Unique] 21 Isaac Birituro & the Rail Abandon- Nye Fo Chen (Kaye Darker than Wax Remix) [WahWah45s] 22 Raoul K featuring Ahmed Sosso – Touman [Compost]

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