Oonops Drops – The Library Special

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This show is dedicated to the world of dusty library sounds. For this Oonops gets visited by DJ and collector Glueset who digs deep in his crates of rare library wax. Expect some seldom heard tunes, lush strings-and-brass evocation, sparkling cinematic and gentle grooves – most of them with an uncharted history. But before Oonops starts the show with a little vinyl set of chunky drum breaks, early 60s/70s soundtracks, dope panoramic lounge vibes and a well-known hip hop sample to begin this delightful sound travel into the last decades. Visit your host Oonops on Mixcloud and Facebook. Artwork by Glueset.

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Oonops Drops – The Library Special
01 Galt MacDermot – Space
02 Busta Rhymes – Woo-Hah!! Got You All In Check (The World Wide Remix Instrumental)
03 Jimi Entley Sound – Charlie’s Theme
04 Pete Moore & His Orchestra – For Whats Its Worth
05 Frank Pleyer Big Band – Sally
06 Dum Dum – Art The Grass
07 Soul On Delivery – Crescent Boogie
08 Les Baxter – Prelude in C# Minor
09 Bobby Johnson featuring The Atoms – Are You Being Served
10 Ju-Par Universal Orchestra – Is Anyone Listening?
11 Gianni Ferrio – Azucar

12 Unknown
13 Alan Parker Alan Hawkshaw – Blue Haze
14 Alan Parker – Slow Drifter
15 Michel Lorin Et Son Ensemble – Douceur Tropical
16 Clive Hicks – Manhatten
17 Francis Monkman – Getting Ready
18 Unknown
19 Raymond Guiot – Oriental Vibrato
20 Siebfried Schwab – Get The Groove
21 Capacity Cargo
22 Keith Mansfield Orchestra – Soul Thing
23 Mowhawks – Champ
24 Syd Dale – Number One Spy
25 Unknown

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