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Oonops is back again with another episode for the summertime including freshly squeezed wax from The Allergies, Lafayette, Quantic and many more in his opening set. This time he invited producer duo WOX & Baronski from Germany who drop a mixture of organic Beats, Boom Bap sounds and sample-based Instrumentals. The funky and damn groovy Quincy Jointz who is in the DJ game for 30 years now is ending the show with a sunny vibed selection of colorful music.

Enjoy the heat!

…and visit your host Oonops on Mixcloud & Facebook, WOX & Baronski on Facebook and Quincy Jointz on Mixcloud & Facebook.

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01 The Allergies featuring Andy Cooper & Marietta Smith – Are You Ready
02 Quantic – Blackstone Rock
03 Dan Mumbles – Hai Capito No (Edit)
04 Lafayette – Sole De Verao
05 Yellow Spoon – Sweet Cheery Pie
06 The Harleckinz – Don’t Sleep
07 Cella Dwellas – Recognize N Realize
08 Front Row People (Soup Edit)
09 High Pulp – Presente Grego
10 Desmond Foster – Love To Be Loved (Just By You)
WOX & BARONSKI GUESTMIX (34:16 min – 1:11:46 min)
11 TBA
QUINCY JOINTZ GUESTMIX (1:11:46 – 1:59:16 min)
12 A Gira (Ataw Alipa Remake)
13 Guts – Take A Look Around You (Benji Boko Remix)
14 Stereo Maracana – Freestyle love
15 Fanga – Tiogho Tiogho (DJ Foro y Ale Acosta Remix)
16 Quincy Jointz – Bodyline (Los Chicos Altos Remix)
17 RSN Quartet featuring Quilombo & MC Yinka – Victory
18 Quincy Jointz – Real
19 Sexy Ways (Recloose Disco Flip)
20 Rory Hoy featuring Mr. Moozit – Red Jacket
21 Jack & Jointz featuring Ashley Slater – Flip (Diesler Remix)
22 Jayl Funk & Quincy Jointz featuring Georges Perin – Give Me Live (Andy Bach Remix)
23 Timewarp Music featuring Georges Perin – Realistic (Jack & Jointz Remix)

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