Oonops Drops – A Grand Central Records Special

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Besides my regular »Oonops Drops« show on Brooklyn Radio I thought of serving you a little special vinyl mixtape about my musical influences. When I started djing and bought my first vinyl records from beyond my country, Fat City Records (UK) was my first address. Lots of amazing records popped up which I didn’t know from my local record stores. It wasn’t long before I discovered the amazing releases from Grand Central Records which was founded by Mark Rae who also managed the Fat City store. Artists like Fingathing, Rae & Christian, Aim, Boca 45, Jon Kennedy, Only Child, Funky Fresh Few, Tony D and many more joined their roster. So I thought it would be time to dig into my vinyl crates for a little tribute mix to GCR (1995 – 2006, R.I.P.)!

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Visit your host Oonops (www.mixcloud.com/oonops) here: www.facebook.com/djoonops
Rae & Christian here: www.facebook.com/raeandchristianmusic
Fingathing (www.fingathing.co.uk) in the guest mix zone here: www.mixcloud.com/brooklynradio/oonops-drops-fingathing-friends
and Fat City Records (www.fatcity.co.uk) here: www.facebook.com/Fat-City-Recordings-273503325607

Tracklist: Oonops Drops – A Grand Central Records Special

01 Fingathing – Wasting Time
02 Only Child featuring Kriminul ‎- I’ve Got A Right
03 Tony D – On The Hunt
04 Rae & Christian – Catch A Rude Awakening
05 Only Child – Really Hot
06 Boca 45 featuring Profile – Stand Up (Geoff Barrow MDGI Remix)
07 Funky Fresh Few ‎featuring Wildflower, Sinista & Stradegy – Heavy Hittin
08 Walkin’ Large featuring Jeru The Damaja – When I Flow
09 The Pharcyde – Runnin’ (Rae & Christian Remix)
10 Aim – No Restrictions
11 Natural Resource – Heavy Loungin
12 Trinidad Steel Drummers – Cissy Strut
13 Mark Rae featuring Veba – Lavish (Deadbeats Remix)
14 Aim – Underground Crownholders
15 Snowblind ‎– Easy Girl (J-Walk Remix Vocal)
16 Jon Kennedy – The Nerve Centre

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