Mr Dan Digs Hiroshi Suzuki “Romance”

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For the second show of this new mix series, we focus on the track “Romance” from Japanese trombonist Hiroshi Suzuki. The song is taken from the album “Cat”, an LP recorded in the mid seventies that didn’t make any noise at the time, but ended up being critically acclaimed when it was re-released recently. Of course, producers jumped on this record to create magic, especially on the song “Romance” that has been heavily sampled in the last 10 years.

In the mix, leftfield soul from KeiyaA & Pink Siifu, beats from Howiewonder, Freddie Joachim & Vanilla, dope Hip Hop from Lute & Skyzoo and even some house music from Jon Sable. If you have a favorite track or sample flip in the mix, let us know!

Big shoutout to the good people of, this mix would not exist without their incredible website.

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1- Hiroshi Suzuki – Romance
2- Howiewonder – Projects
3- Curren$y – Hi top whites (Producer: Thelonious Martin)
4- Gavlyn & DJ Hoppa – Headspace
5- Lute feat. Elevator Jay – Home (Producer: Dom Shiggy)
6- Skyzoo – Everybody’s fine (Producer: Arte Mitchell)
7- Yeiv feat. The 49ers – Let it marinate
8- MFakka feat. johto – Space bound
9- Freddie Joachim – Doinit (Til the end)
10- A Tribe Called Quest – Can I kick it (J. cole remix)
11- Vanilla – Fuji
12- Emapea – New beginning
13- KeiyaA – Keep it real (Producer: DJ Blackpower)
14- Jon Sable – Dolphin hotel
15- Pink Siifu – pullup


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