Mr Dan digs Bobbi Humphrey “Blacks and Blues”

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You are a nerd, a beatmaker or you simply love the art of sampling and like to hear different flips of the same sample, this show is for you!

For this edition, Mr Dan compiled and sequenced a nice little mix centered around the title track of Bobbi Humphrey jazz-funk classic “Blacks and Blues”. We have a good dose of 90’s Hip Hop in the show with music by Rakim, Mobb Deep, Fat Joe and KMD, but you’ll also find a touch of Jazz and R&B. Listen and witness one masterpiece metamorphosing into more beautiful tracks by creative minds. Enjoy!

A BiiiiiiiG shoutout to, the main database to create this mix series.

DOWNLOAD Mr Dan digs Bobbi Humphrey “Blacks and Blues”


  • Bobbi Humphrey – Blacks & Blues
  • D’Nell – I’ve Read About You
  • Esbe – Tribute To Music
  • Eric B. & Rakim – Keep The Beat
  • Mobb Deep – Peer Pressure (Large Professor remix)
  • Fat Joe – Another Wild Nigger from the Bronx (feat. Gismo, Kieth Kieth & King Sun)
  • KMD – Plumskinzz
  • La Constellation – Le 7e Jour
  • Justin Warfield – Cool Like The Blues
  • JAFFA – Bklyn Bobbi

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