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Digital Monk Soundsystem Guestmix

Gasoline Monk in the mix. The entire hour – with a sprinkle of Joe Zawinul in the beginning as the exception – is composed of artists associated with Digital Monk Soundsystem, an experimental hip hop label & surrealist art collective based in Boston.

Some things to pay special attention to:

  • “Tilt Your Glass” – the debut track from Powerplant’s upcoming album Magnificent Wind…
  • “The Stars Are Here” – Sylle Struck just spent two weeks in Boston recording an album for DMSS, and though his beats are scattered all over the hour, listen for his collab with Snotti, which is the first glimpse into what he did there…
  • Jdubeats is heavy in the mix, don’t sleep. He taught Gas Monk how to make beats…
  • “Jungle Gyms On Jupiter” & “Spring Fever” demonstrate the direction Gasoline Monk’s taking on his upcoming full-length… scope
  • “Magic Hour”, which Monk produced for Stick ‘Em Up, and Ibsen’s remix of “2 The Nocturnal”
  • Stick ‘Em Up is one of the most powerful voices in Beantown at least… and to end the mix, two tracks off Shatter Hands’ newest release, Land Fly (which was put out by Urban Waves) – a close friend of the crew and one of the most talented futuristic artists on the planet.

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1) Joe Zawinul – “In A Silent Way”
2) Powerplant – “Tilt Your Glass”
3) Jdubeats – “Yes, Let Me Decompress”
4) Sylle Struck – “Spooky”
5) Sylle Struck x Snotti – “The Stars Are Here”
6) Blue Lazers x MJ Metz – “Glory”
7) Jdubeats – “Sellah”
8) JduMonk – “Untitled”
9) Sylle Struck – “Yum Yum”
10) Biggie & P. Diddy – “All About The Benjamins (Gas Monk Remix)”
11) Gasoline Monk x Sylle Struck x CRLF x HORS x Darius Vaikas – “Session In Odense”
12) Yak x Madlib – “Freestyle ’12”
13) Gasoline Monk – “Jungle Gyms On Jupiter”
14) Stick ‘Em Up x Gasoline Monk – “Magic Hour”
15) Jdubeats – “Waiting”
16) Mavz – “Fantastic”
17) Noyz Denali x Rob Nova – “Wordlife (Shatter Hands Remix)”
18) Sylle Struck – “TB 2”
19) Gasoline Monk – “Kickin It In Needham”
20) Stick ‘Em Up – “2 The Nocturnal (Ibsen Remix)”
21) African Man Born x Gasoline Monk – “Listen Up”
22) Gasoline Monk – “Raindrops”
23) Metronome Thumbprints – “Just Friends”
24) Gasoline Monk – “Spring Fever”
25) Gasoline Monk – “Pause For Jazz”
26) Sylle Struck – “Induzry (404 Miles)”
27) K. Smith x Gasoline Monk – “Fraction”
28) Shatter Hands – “Land Fly”
29) Shatter Hands – “Nothing To Do”

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