Chicha Libre – Cuatro Tigres


What’s Cuatro Tigres you might ask. Well, it’s definitely more than Tres Tigres, the Spanish language tongue twister. But really, it’s the Brooklyn-based collective which is using a sound that was shaped by Peruvian tropical music to pay tribute to its own rockero roots. After getting its inspiration from exotic strains of cumbia and writing an album’s worth of mostly original material, Chicha Libre turns its attention to some classic songs. The band applies its psychedelic chicha template to The Clash’s “Guns of Brixton,” Arthur Lee & Love’s “Alone Again Or,” The Simpsons’ theme song as well as a classic Chicha from Peruvian band Los Shapis.

Chicha Libre’s new EP, Cuatro Tigres, will be released digitally on April 2nd and in vinyl format for Record Store Day, on April 20th and the tracklist looks like this:

1. The Guns of Brixton (Strummer, Jones, Headon, Simonon)
2. Rica Chicha (Jaime Moreyra)
3. Alone Again Or (Brian Maclean)
4. La Danza de los Simpsons (Danny Elfman)

How the music is made you can witness in this live recording session the band did in a Manhattan studio:

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