30th Anniversary Recap – Part 7 (Remixes, B-Sides, Classics & Forgotten Gems)

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It’s time for part 7 of the 30th anniversary mix series, covering the releases of the third quarter of 1992. Once again, more than 200 minutes of music in the mix, full of nice remixes and dope forgotten jams, a dream come true for early 90’s Hip Hop addicts!

At this point, Hip Hop was becoming a worldwide phenomenon, well implanted all around the US, so we try to give the whole spectrum in this show. The mix goes from the west coast with Da Lench Mob and DJ Quik, to the south with Bushwick Bill and Willie D of the Geto Boys, back to NYC with EPMD, Showbiz & A.G, Diamond D and a looooooot more in the mix. There’s also a couple excursions into reggae and R&B territories, since all those genres we’re blending together better than ever. We also dig deep to find gems on forgotten albums from lesser known artists like The Poetess, Brothers Like Outlaw or A.L.T. And The Lost Civilization, to make sure even the most avid rap connoisseur can make a couple of discoveries along the ride.

Press play and enjoy!

Selected by The RawSoul & Mr Dan
Mixed by The RawSoul

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1.Showbiz & A.G. – Bounce Ta This
2.EPMD – Head Banger
3.House Of Pain – Put Your Head Out
4.Double XX Posse – The Headcracker (Remix & Original)
5.Too $hort – In The Trunk (Original & Glove Compartment Street Mix)
6.Chubb Rock – I’m Too Much (Original & Hands On The Sax Mix)
7.Shabba Ranks ft Chub Rock – Two Breddrens
8.Shabba Ranks ft Johnny Gill – Slow & Sexy (Hip-Hop Mix)
9.Showbiz & A.G. – Represent
10.Redman – How To Roll A Blunt
11.Mary J. Blige – What’s The 411?
12.Da Lench Mob – All On My Nut Sac
13.Showbiz & A.G. – Fat Pockets (Original & Off Beat Dance)
14.Diamond D & The Psychotic Neurotics – I Went For Mine
15.Redman – Tonight’s The Night
16.EPMD – Can’t Hear Nothing But The Music
17.The Poetess – For Rhyme’s Sake
18.The Poetess – Simply Poetry
19.Home Team – Know The Flavor
20.Home Team – Get A Refill
21.Chubb Rock – 3 Men At Chung King
22.Chubb Rock – Yabadabadoo
23.Little Shawn – Yes He Did Leave The Stage
24.A.L.T. And The Lost Civilization – One Little Indian
25.Ministère A.M.E.R. – Le Savoir
26.Brothers Like Outlaw – The Real McKoy
27.Brothers Like Outlaw – System Booms
28.The Brand New Heavies ft Main Source – Bonafide Funk
29.The Poetess – Love Hurts
30.Prince Markie Dee & The Soul Convention – Typical Reasons (Swing My Way) (Original & Still Swingin’)
31.Mary J. Blige – Real Love (Hip Hop Mix)
32.EPMD – Crossover
33.Redman – Time 4 Sum Aksion (Original & Remix)
34.Diamond D & The Psychotic Neurotics – What You Seek
35.Showbiz & A.G. – Soul Clap (Short Version & Off Beat Mix)
36.Double XX Posse – Not Gonna Be Able To Do It (Original & Criminal Minded Remix)
37.Da Lench Mob – Ain’t Got No Class (Beatnuts Remix)
38.House Of Pain – Jump Around (Pete Rock Remix & Original)
39.House Of Pain – Shamrocks And Shenanigans
40.Lighter Shade Of Brown – Check It Out
41.The Poetess – Making Some Change
42.MC Serch – Back To The Grill (Original & Remix)
43.Diamond D & The Psychotic Neurotics – Freestyle (Yo, That’s That Sh..)
44.Shabba Ranks ft Queen Latifah – What ‘Cha Gonna Do? (40th Street Hip Hop Mix)
45.A.L.T. And The Lost Civilization – Summer Breeze (Hip Hop Mix & Original)
46.Little Shawn – I Made Love (4 Da Very 1st Time)
47.Little Shawn – Hickeys On Your Chest
48.Prince Markie Dee & The Soul Convention – Trippin Out
49.Chubb Rock – Lost In The Storm (Marley’s Hip Hop Remix & Original)
50.Diamond D & The Psychotic Neurotics – Sally Got A One Track Mind (Original & Remix By Showbiz)
51.Double XX Posse – Executive Class
52.Succes-N-Effect – Real Black Soulja
53.Da Lench Mob – Freedom Got An A.K. (Remix)
54.Chunk – Niggaz Get Smoked
55.Insane Poetry – Grim Reality
56.Bushwick Bill – Letter From KKK
57.Willie D – I’m Goin’ Out Lika Soldier
58.R.B.L. Posse – More Like An Orgy
59.R.B.L. Posse – Don’t Give Me No Bammer
60.JT The Bigga Figga – The Bigga Figga
61.DJ Quik – Jus Lyke Compton
62.DJ Quik – America’z Most Complete Artist
63.Bushwick Bill – Dollars And Sense
64.Comptons Most Wanted ft Mr. Scarface – N 2 Deep
65.Comptons Most Wanted – Hood Took Me Under (Original & Remix)
66.Chunk – Dying Black Race
67.Big Mello – Prime Time Live
68.Big Mello – Love Don’t Love Nobody
69.Chunk – Be My Girl
70.Little Shawn – Come Back (2 Me)
71.Mary J. Blige – Reminisce (Bad Boy Remix)
72.Shabba Ranks – Just Reality
73.The Brand New Heavies ft Grand Puba – Who Makes The Loot?
74.Bushwick Bill – Call Me Crazy
75.Succes-N-Effect – Raised From Depression

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