30th Anniversary Recap – Part 6 (Remixes, B-Sides, Classics & Forgotten Gems)

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Finally, part 6 of the 30th Anniversary Recap is here, covering the releases of the second quarter of 1992. This is another Hip Hop extravaganza of more than 70 tracks and 200 minutes, a dream come true for every Hip Hop Fanatics.

We dig deep to give you not only the classics, but also a lot of dope remixes taken from the vinyl singles, forgotten gems lost on well known albums or songs from Hip Hop acts that have disappeared over the years. Usual suspects like Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth, Eric B. & Rakim, Gang Starr and Beastie Boys collide with less known artists like JCD & The Dawg LB, K.M.C. Kru, Brothers Uv Da Blakmarket and SFC.

Press play and jump back into what is arguably the best time in Hip Hop music history!

Selected by The RawSoul & Mr Dan
Mixed by The RawSoul

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1.Doug E. Fresh & The New Get Fresh Crew – The Money Grip
2.Super Cat – Dolly My Baby (Bad Boy Extended Mix)
3.Gang Starr – Ex Girl To Next Girl (Original & Remix)
4.Beastie Boys – So What ‘Cha Want (Soul Assassin Remix & Original)
5.Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth – The Basement
6.Das EFX – Mic Checka (Remix & Original)
7.Eric B. & Rakim – Keep The Beat
8.Cooly Live – Up High On The Down Low
9.Gang Starr – Take It Personal
10.Lord Finesse – Set It Off Troop
11.X-Clan – A.D.A.M.
12.X-Clan – Fire & Earth (100% Natural)
13.Yo Yo – Black Pearl
14.Yo Yo – Home Girl Don’t Play
15.Arrested Development – Revolution
16.Gang Starr – 2 Deep (Original, City Lick Mix & May We Get A Bit Deeper Mix)
17.The A.T.E.E.M. – Get It On
18.Roxanne ft Chubb Rock – Gear
19.Mellow Man Ace – Brother With Two Tongues
20.Kid Frost – East Side Story
21.Cooly Live – All Possibilities
22.Brothers Uv Da Blakmarket – Livin’ In Da Bottle
23.Brothers Uv Da Blakmarket – I Ain’t Da One
24.Gang Starr – I’m The Man
25.Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth – For Pete’s Sake
26.K-Solo – Letterman (Original & Pete Rock Remix)
27.Das EFX – Jussumen (Remix)
28.Dr. Dre Introducing Snoop Doggy Dogg – Deep Cover
29.Super Cat – Dem No Worry We (Hip Hop Ragga Remix)
30.Super Cat – Ghetto Red Hot (Hip Hop Remix)
31.Bobby Konders & Massive Sounds Featuring Mikey Jarrett – Mack Daddy
32.Gang Starr – DWYCK
33.Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth – Straighten It Out (Vocal Remix & Original)
34.Das EFX – They Want EFX (Original & Remix)
35.Father MC – One Nite Stand (Eddie’s Mix)
36.Doug E. Fresh & The New Get Fresh Crew – If I Was Your Man
37.Roxanne – Ya Brother Does
38.MC Lyte – Ice Cream Dream
39.Monie Love – Full Term Love
40.K.M.C. Kru – Nothin’ But A Party
41.Bobby Konders & Massive Sounds – The Heads
42.Eric B. & Rakim – Don’t Sweat The Technique
43.SFC – In The House
44.Maestro Fresh-Wes – Bring It On (Showbiz Remix)
45.Kid ’N Play – Get It Right
46.Alpha MC – Criminel Lyrique
47.Eric B. & Rakim – Casualties Of War (Soulpower Remix)
48.Miles Davis – Fantasy
49.Tung Twista – Ratatattat
50.MC Breed – Flash Groove
51.K-Solo – I Can’t Hold It Back
52.College Boyz – Underground Blues
53.Spice 1 – Welcome To The Ghetto
54.MC Ren – Kizz My Black Azz
55.Gold Money – Money
56.Penthouse Players Clique – Blak Iz A Poet
57.Slow Pain – Free Ride
58.Master P – Mama’s Bad Boy
59.MC Breed – Great Depression
60.Chunk – What Waz I To Do?
61.Miles Davis – The Doo Bop Song (Extended Version)
62.Beastie Boys – Pass The Mic
63.Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth – Lots Of Lovin’ (Remix)
64.Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth – They Reminisce Over You (T.R.O.Y.) (Original & Remix)
65.X-Clan – Cosmic Ark
66.The Future Sound – The Bop Step (Mix Phade)
67.A Tribe Called Quest – Hot Sex
68.JCD & The Dawg LB – They Like It Like We Do
69.Tung Twista – Back 2 School
70.The Future Sound – Lady/What’s A Bro To Do ?
71.Miles Davis – Mystery

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