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DJ Stikmand. 100%. Cormega. One hour. 38 Tracks. Tune in!

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01 The Testament (prod. by Dave Atkinson)
02 The Testament Original (prod. by Dave Atkinson)
03 Take Mine (prod. by Ayatollah)
04 What’s Ya Poison (prod. by Havoc)
05 Thun & Kicko (prod. by Havoc)
06 Dirty Game (prod. by DJ Premier)
07 The Come Up (prod. by Large Professor)
08 American Beauty (prod. by Cormega)
09 Angel Dust (prod. by Sha Money XL)
10 You Don’t Want It (prod. by Godfather Don)
11 One Love (prod. by RNS)
12 La Familia (prod. by Trackmasters)
13 Affirmative Action (prod. by Dave Atkinson)
14 Never Personal (prod. by Unknown)
15 Love In Love Out (prod. by J-Love)
16 Full Circle (prod. by Hit Boy)
17 Glorious (prod. by Alchemist)
18 A Thin Line (prod. by Buckwild)
19 Fallen Soldiers (remix) (prod. by Alchemist)
20 Loyalty (prod. by Godfather Don)
21 Endangered Species (prod. by J-Love)
22 We Gon Buck (prod. by Alchemist)
23 Three (prod. by Alchemist)
24 U Crazy (prod. by Beatnuts)
25 Rap’s A Hustle (prod. by Ayatollah)
26 All I Need Is You (prod. by Hi-Tek)
27 Going Straight Up (prod. by Hot Day)
28 Set If Off (prod. by Hot Day)
29 Soul Food (prod. by J ‘Waxx’ Garfield)
30 Unforgiven (prod. by Spank Brother)
31 Get Out My Way (prod. by Sha Self)
32 Sugar Ray & Hearns (prod. by J-Love)
33 The Legacy (prod. by Alchemist)
34 Valuable Lessons (prod. by Large Professor)
35 Montana Diary (prod. by Nashiem Myrick)
36 Dead Man Walking (prod. by Hot Day & Jae Supreme)
37 Beautiful Mind (prod. by Cormega)
38 Killaz Theme (prod. by Havoc)

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