100% The Bad Seed

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Brooklyn MC The Bad Seed get the 100% treatment from DJ Stikmand, check it out!

Tracklist 100% The Bad Seed

  1. 6ix Shots (cuts by Tone Spliff) (prod. by Nottz)
  2. FA & FO (cuts by Tone Spliff) (prod. by Snowgoons)
  3. Funk Flex (prod. by Snowgoons)
  4. Black Zeus (prod. by JR Swiftz)
  5. When All Else Fail (prod. by Nottz)
  6. Bob The Builder (prod. by Murda Megz)
  7. Hotel Motel (prod. by JR Swiftz)
  8. Fleetwood (prod. by Team Demo)
  9. #Get Home Safe (prod. by Freakshow)
  10. P & Hav (prod. by Murda Megz)
  11. Red & Meth (cuts by Tone Spliff) (prod. by Murda Megz)
  12. Bill & Fame (cuts by Tone Spliff) (prod. by Murda Megz)
  13. La Bamba (cuts by DJ Eclipse) (prod. by Nottz)
  14. Complex Napoleon (prod. by Murda Megz)
  15. El Diablo w/ Boopee (prod. by Team Demo)
  16. Call It What Chu Want (prod. by Murda Megz)
  17. Stuggle 1st (prod. by s-tewe)
  18. Blue Nose (prod. by Team Demo)
  19. For The Kids (prod. by Nottz)
  20. Loco (prod. by Team Demo)
  21. Turn It Off (prod. by Marco Polo)
  22. Uhhnnh (prod. by Nottz)
  23. Cartridges (prod. by Freakshow)
  24. Skinny Biggie (prod. by JR Swiftz)
  25. Sliddon (prod. by Difuture)
  26. Four Finger Ring Pt. II (prod. by Freakshow)
  27. Super Lame (cuts by Tone Spliff) (prod. by JR Swiftz)
  28. Way To Live (cuts by DJ Enyoutee) (prod. by Difuture)
  29. Just Because (cuts by DJ Enyoutee) (prod. by DLP)
  30. A Beautiful Mind (cuts by Tone Spliff) (prod. by Team Demo)
  31. Adubbago (prod. by JR Swiftz)
  32. Unsolved Mystery (prod. by Unknown)
  33. Yall Whylin’ (prod. by Nam Nitty)
  34. Belt Off (prod. by Nottz)

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