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Mr Dan Digs Alain Goraguer “La Planète Sauvage”

When I had the news that “Alain Goraguer” passed away a couple weeks ago, the first thing that came through my mind was that I needed to create a mix to highlight the genius behind what might be one of the greatest soundtrack ever. I have to thank Madlib for discovering that album more than 20 years ago, my curiosity of what was sampled for Quasimoto “Come On Feet” is the reason why I came across this amazing piece of work. Little did I know at the time, Madlib was not the first to sample this project and certainly not the last!

I switched things up this time around and selected three tracks from “La Planète Sauvage” (can’t play more if I want the mix to survive on Mixcloud), instead of doing the mix around one song like the first two editions. Since the whole soundtrack is built around a recurrent theme, we still end up with a very cohesive mix, with music from Madlib aka Quasimoto (of course), Flying Lotus, J Dilla, Run The Jewels, Big Pun, Rascalz, Mac Miller and more!

Shoutout to the bible!

Mr Dan

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1 – Ten et Tiwa – Alain Goraguer
2 – Come on feet – Quasimoto
3 – Black balloons reprise (instrumental) – Flying Lotus
4 – Tired – Luke White
5 – Soul obligation – Rascalz
6 – Le bracelet – Alain Goraguer
7 – J Dilla
8 – Everybody Stay Calm – Run The Jewels
9 – Boomerang – Big Pun
10 – Shroomin – bsd.u
11 – Ten et Tiwa dorment – Alain Goraguer
12 – Insomniak – Mac Miller feat. Rick Ross
13 – Ever did before – oddCouple feat. Michael Christmas

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