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Guestmix – Turntill goes Mexico & New York


In anticipation of his upcoming travels to Mexico to visit Members of The Chosen Few, perform and work on different projects, Turntill prepared the exclusive „Turntill goes Mexico & New York“ mix to introduce his funk, soul, rap and breakbeat repetoire to the partycrowds in Mexico and the US. After his Mexico trip he will come to New York to feel the spirit of Hip Hop’s birthplace again. March 29th he will rock the party at The Chosen Few`s event at Har`d Life Ink`s tattoo shop in Brooklyn together with Doujah Raze, Plom 44, Chief 69 and the Floor Royality Crew.

DOWNLOAD Guestmix – Turntill goes Mexico & New York

Catch him in Mexico from 5.3 – 25.3 and here in New York from 26.3 to 4.4!


Turntill – Intro Cuts
Kenny „Dope“ Gonzalez – „Making a living“
M17 – Rockin`down the house
Mystery Man – Elektro Fog
Electro Funk = Mash up
Bomb the Bass – Beat this
Afrika Bambaataa – Turntill shoutout / Knowledge
Bozo Meeko feat. Sideshow Bob and those amazing Bongo Beats – Party on the dancefloor
2 Bad Mice – Hold it down
Foxy Breaks – Acid rock
Soulstice – Superfunkidiculous
Paul Hardcastle – The Wizard
Brown & Dangerman – Acknowledgements
Turntill – The Chosen Few in it scratch session
TCF Event Promotinon – 29th of march at Har`d Life Ink Tattoo Shop in Brooklyn, NYC
Doujah Raze – Give it up
Doujah Raze – The light now
Doujah Raze – Hard times
Plom 44 – Mis Audifonos
Big Foko, ChuqkoStyle, Mc Yerfo & Shadelflow TCF – De Mi Puerto a tu Ciudad
Sarcastiko Comando – Yo soy
Turntill & Merlin – Wizard
Turntill – Outro & Introduction for the comming reggae mix
Crosby Bolani aka Digi Analog TCF – Jah Powers Turntill Dubplate


Till “Turntill” Gerber was born on the 11th of November 1985 in Bern, Switzerland and grew up there. His father is a self-employed artist who always worked at home whilst listening to Blues, Jazz, Rock, Soul and Reggae music. This inspired Till to make his own music and when he was 9 years old, he began to play the drums. Around the same age he met an artist who completely changed his vision on art in general and who especially introduced him into Hip-Hop culture. Till became fascinated by this new world that had opened itself to him and he started breakdancing and writing graffiti. In 1999 he bought his first DJ kit and started to learn “scratch” techniques and made mix-tapes.

In 2001 he had his first official DJ set, which was the first in a long series of gigs he held all over Switzerland. Till has been DJing for a local Swiss radio,, for over a decade now.

What triggered his motivation to organize his own parties was an internal need to express his personal vision of Hip Hop culture and to support and contribute to the community. He wanted artists to be able to interact and meet with the public. Turntill created three party names for regular gigs: “Funky Flashback”, “Trueskool Downtown” and “Get funky on Thursday”. He also took part in the huge Swiss Hip-Hop jam “Style Time Jam” and even helped organize the 3-day “Bärn Jam”. It has always been important for Turntill to make a bridge between the oldschool and the newschool Hip-Hop music. Turntill is very aware of the importance of conserving and developing culture.

Turntill has always been interested in the root of music and has been digging through the crates of vinyl stores all around the world to find the original records on which Hip-Hop is based. Turntill`s experience as a DJ has given him the knowledge he needs to know how to arrange a perfect team to do fresh new tracks. His networking skills have always been one of the biggest contributing factors to the success of his projects. He is very highly appreciated by all the people who have worked with him.

Over the last years Turntill has produced his events and sold his mixtapes under the brand label “The Chosen Few”. Today „The Chosen Few“ is not anymore just a brand, it`s a worldwide growing organisation for quality Peoples in and anround the hip hop culture. (
Turntill is seen in the hip hop scene as an important initiator, micro manager and mediator, who brings artists from various scenes and countrys together to carry out projects. He is also respected for his quest to ensure the preservation and promotion of all aspects of the Hip Hop culture.

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