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Housebound, learning all the noises my houses make when I’m not around – these are the tunes I’ve kept on loop to make sure my head doesn’t get unscrewed too loose. Canceled plane tickets, a broken tour, j’espère que tout ça va changer un jour. I’ve been playing trumpet everyday and cooking beats to make my head sway.

Can’t wait to get my 45 from Agogo Records, much love to Oonops for putting my tune ‘’Que Sera’’ on wax. It’s the first time I see my name on a vinyl.

Summer is deleted, but, these soulful tunes keep me breathing

This is @alldayjam
Keep it locked.


  1. Eileen_Feel Good
  2. KNWLEDGE_thats allwekando
  3. SMINO_TEMPO (Prod by VZN)
  4. Ojerime – Empty
  5. Nick Hakim – QADIR
  6. David You_Beautiful like pyramids
  8. Westside_Gunn_Ft_Joey_Bada_Tyler_the_Creator_Billie_Esco
  9. Baro – Travellin’ Through Time
  10. Ivan Ave – Guest List Etiquette (feat. Joyce Wrice)
  11. Keiyaa_every-nigga-is-a-star
  12. MMYYKK_Better [For the Love]
  13. ohbliv_Invitation To Luv
  14. The Alchemist – Terry (Instrumental)
  15. Varnish La Piscine -ORDRE SUPRÊME
  16. Grandeza_SESSA
  17. Metá Metá – Obatalá
  18. Keiyaa_ Gits! Weary!
  19. Jean Bassa_dance
  20. Jake Milliner_Perfect Time To Lie (feat. Howard McNair & Marcus Tenney)
  21. Erasmo Carlos – Menina
  22. Jean Bassa_Sorry Individuals

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