30th Anniversary Recap – Part 8 (Remixes, B-Sides, Classics & Forgotten Gems)

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We finally deliver part 8 of the 30th anniversary mix series, covering the Hip Hop releases of the last quarter of 1992. The full version includes 79 tracks and close to four hours of music, so buckle up, you’re in for a crazy ride! For the Mixcloud listeners, the mix is cut into three parts, to make sure we respect the rules and keep the show available to everybody.

The goal of this series is to go a little bit further than your average “best of” mix and play lesser known tracks and artists we feel deserves your attention. You end up with legends like Nas, Kool G Rap, Common or The Pharcyde side by side with forgotten bands like Rough House Survivers, Strugglin’ Souls or Finesse & Showbiz. We also play tons of rare remixes from the 12 inch singles. We want to make sure even the most avid rap connoisseur can make a couple of discoveries. Enjoy!

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1.Common – A Penny For My Thoughts
2.The Pharcyde – Passing Me By
3.Caveman – Rap Biznizz
4.Kool G Rap & DJ Polo – Ill Street Blues
5.Lord Finesse – You Know What I’m About
6.Gang Starr – Gotta Get Over (Takin Loot)
7.Grand Puba – Reel To Reel
8.Rough House Survivers – Stick Da Butt Out
9.Red Hot Lover Tone – Give It Up
10.Louie Rankin ‎- Typewriter
11.Common – Soul By The Pound
12.Nas – Halftime
13.Rough House Survivers – Can U Dig It?
14.The Goats – TV Cops
15.Positive K – Ain’t No Crime
16.Son Of Noise – Negative Forces (Redone)
17.Kool G Rap & DJ Polo – On The Run
18.The Pharcyde – On The DL
19.Strugglin’ Souls – Manic Depression
20.Paris – The Days of Old
21.The Goats – Typical American
22.Professor Griff – Blackdraft
23.Professor Griff – Color Confrontation
24.T-Isaam & DJ Magic Mike – Color Bind
25.Sens Unik – Marche à suivre

(30th Anniversary Recap – Part 8.2)

26.Grand Puba – Check It Out
27.Positive K – Carhoppers
28.Afrika Bambaataa Presents Time Zone – Can You Flow
29.Grand Puba – Ya Know How It Goes
30.Common – Take It Ez
31.Dr. Dre – Fuck Wit Dre Day (And Everybody’s Celebratin’)
32.Dr. Dre – Nuthin’ But A G Thang
33.Wreckx-N-Effect – Wreckx Shop
34.Louie Rankin – The Sting
35.Ice Cube – Wicked
36.The Goats – ¿Do the Digs Dug?
37.Busy Bee – Flavor Man
38.Grandmaster Caz – Need To Know the Flavor
39.Kool Moe Dee – Good Time
40.Shanté – Brothers Ain’t Shit
41.Shanté – Big Mama
42.Finesse & Showbiz – Soup Of The Day
43.The Pharcyde – I’m That Type of Nigga
44.Positive K – I Got A Man
45.Wreckx-N-Effect – Rump Shaker
46.Strugglin’ Souls – Nappy Head N Saggy Jeans
47.Afrika Bambaataa Presents Time Zone – The 40oz Crew
48.Ice Cube – Check Yo Self
49.Paris – Thinka ‘Bout It

(30th Anniversary Recap – Part 8.3)

50.Caveman – Bods Get Slapped Up
51.Son Of Noise – A Dedication To Dennis (Life Is Fair But So Uncool)
52.Grand Puba – 360 Degrees (What Goes Around)
53.Ice-T & Ice Cube – Trespass
54.Boss – Explanation Of A Mad Bitch
55.Paris – Assata’s Song
56.MC Breed – Sister And Brother
57.C-Funk – You Aint Heard Nothin’
58.Gangsta Pat – All About Comin’ Up
59.Shanté – Straight Razor
60.Finesse & Showbiz – Shade Of Grey
61.Finesse & Showbiz – Where U At
62.Sens Unik – Les portes du temps
63.Busy Bee – I Got Things Sewed
64.Grandmaster Caz – The Old School
65.Shanté – Dance To This
66.Rough House Survivers – Take A Trip
67.Caveman – Whole 9 Yards… And Then Some
68.Son Of Noise – Robbin Hoods
69.Strugglin’ Souls – Ghetto Than a Mutha Fucka
70.Dr. Dre – Let Me Ride
71.T-Isaam & DJ Magic Mike – In the Neighborhood
72.Ice Cube – It Was A Good Day
73.The Pharcyde – Otha Fish
74.UGK – Pocket Full of Stones
75.Grand Puba – Big Kids Don’t Play
76.OFTB – From Jackin To Rappin
77.Dr. Dre – Lil’ Ghetto Boy
78.IQ inc – Lack Of Unity
79.Grand Puba – Soul Controller

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